Wild Rose Wrap

Oh My! It is finished and I confess … I finished this long ago ~ A while back I was raving about how absolutely magic this yarn felt.
It truly was a continually wonderful sensation to knit with this yarn.

The big surprise was that this finished wrap totally has that same magic feel as when I was knitting it!
For some reason, I imagined that special feel would fade but it did not… and as I think about it, why would it? I guess I thought that the energy would dissipate or something.
It’s there as strong as ever.

It is kind of hard to explain
It is just one of those amazing wraps
that warms and comforts and supports at the deepest level
and lucky me, I have more yarn from Wild Rose Farm


Comfort Food

Imagine knitting your favourite comfort food. This is what it’s like to knit with wool. From Willapa’s and RedBird’s wool ~ honey ~ butter ~ long summer evenings ~ like knitting poetry ~ telling these 2 sheep’s stories. 


I have discovered. 
The most amazing yarn. 

From Wild Rose Farm on Whidbey Island Washington

There is something so magical about this yarn I cannot even put in words. 

I am making s wrap and and when I cast on the first time I over shot about 2’ extra yarn…. so I re- cast on so as not to waste an inch of this precious substance.

I am ready to begin … come with me 

arrows & sparrows cowl

and I love it
arrows & sparrows
Arrows-Sparrows cowl-1It was a fun knit with the perfect amount of brain power required to get me going in the early mornings (with my coffee of course). I’d much rather challenge my mind with a knitting pattern and finger dance than tap away at a brain exercise iphone app! Just as I would rather go for a hearty walk up and down hills than work out on an exercise bike.
Arrows-Sparrows cowl-2

It’s long enough to be an elegant wrap

 and long enough to double up to express various choices of colour placements

Arrows-Sparrows cowl-3 Sweet Georgia Yarns
3 Colours ~ Charcoal, Silver & Pistachio (the kiss of Spring)

Arrows and Sparrows Cowl

This is a Great Knit!
It has the perfect balance of rhythm and cruise control
it will be Beautiful
IMG_2180I bought my yarn from my current fav yarn providers Sweet Georgia Yarns
3 Colours ~ Charcoal, Silver & Pistachio

In the beginning, knitting the charcoal and silver matched our grey cloudy dark days
but now I have started the Pistachio
and I can almost see the spring buds patiently waiting for light in my mind’s eye.

This Cowl will march me right into Spring!

A new look!

This is a Fantastically Beautiful New Knitting/Crochet site! And her kick-off garners a SALE! I give this 5 Stars! (ok, maybe I am a little bias but it Really is a great site)

The Knitty Knitty Gritty

I am so excited to announce the launch of my new and improved website!  thecraftyjackalope.com

the crafty jackalope

I have been working on this since the summer and what I thought would take a month or two took me five intense months.  If you can’t remember what the old site looked like, well it was basically a hub of information with the ability to sell only PDF patterns through Ravelry.  As much as the old site had its certain charm, it has nothing to do with the new site.  Today I can offer not only knitting & crochet patterns, but ALL the products we offer!

Like knit kits!

knit kits 2

Knit notions!

stitch markers

Knitting needles!


Project bags!


To name a few…….

It is with great pleasure, that I invite you to take a moment to check out the new site.  I sincerely hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to create and make.  The website has a built…

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Loose Ends

as promised … The French Braid solution to all those loose ends

and I had a Really bad case of Loose Ends!

First I had to tidy them up, then I cut them to around 3″
IMG_1644Then I placed each one on it’s proper side. My thinking here was that it would be too bulky to have one big long braid traveling down the one side, so I decided to make 2 french braids on each side of the seem.

(it kind of reminded me of Alpha’s parted hair in Spanky and our Gang)

IMG_1648It turned out a bit wabi-sabi but that is fine with me
It’s my style ~ live and let live ~ and leave perfection to the machines

(not that I don’t strive do make thing well)

These braids lay pretty flat on the inside and I don’t feel any bulge or bulk when I am wearing it

I finally mustered the courage to block it and it is drying now, It looks like it will be fine.
I can’t wait to wear my Lidiya dress Pattern on Ravelry inside out